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Mar '10

Feasting on the wildlife

When saying goodbye to the camp, we drove into the typical orange sunrise to continue our journey. The only thing missing was the intro music from “The lion King”. This time we were going south, heading for Johannesburg again. Still, there was a lot of national park to cover, and on the way we had many interesting stops. Breakfast was enjoyed in a picnic-area with a flock of monkeys playing around. This was an open area, and if a lion would enter the area, we were advised to go back into our car. Sadly, no lions showed up, but we got some nice pictures of both blue birds and thieving monkeys.

Another overview-point was visited, and pictures were taken. At the exit for the park, we went out and stretched our legs and observed a man in a nice Jaguar, blasting “a lion sleeps tonight” at full volume. Thank you. After exiting the park our main goal was to get to Jo’burg as fast as possible. For us, this meant driving at normal pace. For the guide, this meant trying to break some records. I’m pretty sure he cruised around in 150 km\t at some point.

We had a couple of stops on the way, mostly gas-stations and the like. A couple hours of suburbs and less interesting surrounding  later, we arrived safely in Jo’burg yet again. We said our goodbyes to Dirk the guide, and checked in to our surprisingly nice hotel. None of the two pools looked attractive, so we decided to do something else instead. There are multiple shopping malls in the area, but we decided to get something to eat and plan the next day
. This didn’t happen. Suddenly the plans changed, and we ended up visiting a restaurant called “Carnivore“. Some discussions later, we arrived at the restaurant, and was treated to a wide selection of all you can eat meat, including Venison, Zebra, Antilope, Impala and Crocodile.  The whole thing was were well put together, and an experience in it self.

Going back to the hotel we were pretty much tired and wanted to rest. We found some internet so we could post some info on the blog, and get updated on the current events in both Alta and Oslo. Nothing has happened apparently.  Disregard all of the spelling-errors in the posts,  mostly due to late night writing and poor eyesight

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