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Apr '10

Field-Trip to the Karoo

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It’s time for our educational part of the trip, so we start the geological trip to Karoo. To avoid traffic, we woke up a bit too early again and departed around 6 AM. Breakfast was had in a shady gas-station with [...]

Mar '10

Meeting the locals

Finally, it was time to meet up with Chris. We still had some 4 hours to go, so we didn’t have time for much more than driving. We got recommended a beach side restaurant for breakfast, which also gave us easy access to the beach. Sveta was the only one daring to take a morning [...]

Mar '10

Following the Garden Route

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Today’s program was pretty much filled and we started out pretty early with a wonderful breakfast at the Tsisikama Storm River Lodge. It was the owners birthday, which made us feel a bit guilty for making him wake up so early [...]

Mar '10

Feasting on the wildlife

When saying goodbye to the camp, we drove into the typical orange sunrise to continue our journey. The only thing missing was the intro music from “The lion King”. This time we were going south, heading for Johannesburg again. Still, there was a lot of national park to cover, and on the way we had [...]

Mar '10

Ollifants and Braai

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06:00 is just as early in SA as in the rest of the world
. No over-sleeping this time. Getting up early gives a better chance of seeing [...]

Mar '10

Suddenly, Elephants!

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Team Alta managed to over-sleep, resulting in no breakfast for any of the participants (Thinh likes his Breakfast in the morning). Hopefully he will forgive us one day. The guide had already asked us if we could be ready at 7 [...]

Mar '10

The Arrival

The trip to Amsterdam went great
. It’s worth mentioning than that the city looks like a Sim City\Transport Tycoon map from above
. Makes you want to build stuff
. We didn’t have much waiting time on the airport, so after some shopping where team Oslo bought a nifty Canon SLR camera for safari-use, and a [...]