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Apr '10

Caves & Ostriches

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Our original plan was to head back to Stellenbosh this evening, but during the braais last night we ended up changing the plans so we stay another night at the Soeterus Farm. They promised us some specialties, along with good company. [...]

Apr '10


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Digging into the huge supplies of goods we brought with us on the field-trip, we enjoyed a good breakfast before leaving our guest-house and continued our adventure. Today we had four things on the agenda (at least what we knew of). [...]

Apr '10

Field-Trip to the Karoo

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It’s time for our educational part of the trip, so we start the geological trip to Karoo. To avoid traffic, we woke up a bit too early again and departed around 6 AM. Breakfast was had in a shady gas-station with [...]

Apr '10

Relaxing a bit

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Seeing that we were on Chris home turf, he knew all the good places to go. For breakfast we visited a lovely French cafe in the center close to the university

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Mar '10

Meeting the locals

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Finally, it was time to meet up with Chris. We still had some 4 hours to go, so we didn’t have time for much more than driving. We got recommended a beach side restaurant for breakfast, which also gave us easy [...]

Mar '10


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Still in shock from the day before, we woke up and had our standard (but great) breakfast
. looking out the window, we could finally see a bit of Knysna in daylight. The hotel was a bit outside of town, so we [...]

Mar '10

Following the Garden Route

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Today’s program was pretty much filled and we started out pretty early with a wonderful breakfast at the Tsisikama Storm River Lodge. It was the owners birthday, which made us feel a bit guilty for making him wake up so early [...]

Mar '10

Mango Silk Storm

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Mar '10

Tsitsikamma is hard to pronounce

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The day started quite late with relaxing, and a combination of church and swimming pool. Everyone met up before check-out time, and we packed the car for our road-trip. Our first goal this morning was to somehow obtain a GPS-device. After [...]

Mar '10

Left is the new right

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It was time to leave Johannesburg, but we still had some hours left before our plane left. Our hotel (Balalaika) had a great breakfast-buffet with everything one could crave
. Even after this we had more time left, so we headed for [...]