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South Africa 2010

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Mar '10

Feasting on the wildlife

When saying goodbye to the camp, we drove into the typical orange sunrise to continue our journey. The only thing missing was the intro music from “The lion King”. This time we were going south, heading for Johannesburg again. Still, there was a lot of national park to cover, and on the way we had [...]

Mar '10

Ollifants and Braai

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06:00 is just as early in SA as in the rest of the world
. No over-sleeping this time. Getting up early gives a better chance of seeing [...]

Mar '10

Suddenly, Elephants!

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Team Alta managed to over-sleep, resulting in no breakfast for any of the participants (Thinh likes his Breakfast in the morning). Hopefully he will forgive us one day. The guide had already asked us if we could be ready at 7 [...]