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Pictures from South Africa 2010

South Africa 2010

- It's Africa, only South!

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During the trip, we will add random pictures to the posts on the main page along the way

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. Whenever we have have some idle-time on a hotel or in the bush, we will dump more pictures to a Picasa album for your viewing pleasure

(Click here to browse the pictures using Picasa Web-albums)

2010-04-07-DSLR2010-04-07-DSLR28 pictures
2010-04-06-DSLR2010-04-06-DSLR4 pictures
2010-04-05-DSLR2010-04-05-DSLR9 pictures
2010-04-04-DSLR2010-04-04-DSLR12 pictures
2010-04-03-DSLR2010-04-03-DSLR4 pictures
2010-04-02-DSLR2010-04-02-DSLR11 pictures
2010-04-01-DSLR2010-04-01-DSLR35 pictures
2010-03-30-DSLR2010-03-30-DSLR18 pictures
2010-03-29-DSLR2010-03-29-DSLR37 pictures
2010-03-28-DSLR2010-03-28-DSLR24 pictures
2010-03-26-ixus2010-03-26-ixus37 pictures
2010-03-25-Ixus2010-03-25-Ixus15 pictures
2010-03-24-Ixus2010-03-24-Ixus42 pictures

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