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South Africa 2010

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Mar '10

The Arrival

The trip to Amsterdam went great
. It’s worth mentioning than that the city looks like a Sim City\Transport Tycoon map from above

. Makes you want to build stuff
. We didn’t have much waiting time on the airport, so after some shopping where team Oslo bought a nifty Canon SLR camera for safari-use, and a quick trip to Starbucks, we were on our way to our gate. Thanks to KLM we had a great flight to Johannesburg with a great selection of entertainment (A-Team!), fantastic food and most important of all, somewhat comfortable seats for sleeping. The time went by pretty fast, and before we knew it the pilot hinted towards that we were descending to Johannesburg.

Both the passport-control and baggage-claim went smoothly, and it only took us five minutes to get scammed for the first time
. Apparently the people who worked in the information desk were good friends with some taxi drivers. Pirate taxi drivers that is. NOK 300 for a five minute ride is not that bad, but we learned our lesson. At around midnight we arrived at the hotel, which was better that we had imagined. Big bedrooms with separate bathrooms and all the South African soap-opera one could wish for. Instead we tried sleeping, which also was good.

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