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Apr '10

Caves & Ostriches

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Our original plan was to head back to Stellenbosh this evening, but during the braais last night we ended up changing the plans so we stay another night at the Soeterus Farm. They promised us some specialties, along with good company. [...]

Apr '10


Digging into the huge supplies of goods we brought with us on the field-trip, we enjoyed a good breakfast before leaving our guest-house and continued our adventure. Today we had four things on the agenda (at least what we knew of). Visiting a dam, hunting for fossils, exploring some geology and having a Braai.

The Gamkapoortdam [...]

Apr '10

Field-Trip to the Karoo

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It’s time for our educational part of the trip, so we start the geological trip to Karoo. To avoid traffic, we woke up a bit too early again and departed around 6 AM. Breakfast was had in a shady gas-station with [...]

Apr '10

Relaxing a bit

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Seeing that we were on Chris home turf, he knew all the good places to go

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